Our Complete Travel Guide To Pakistan


Pakistan is one of the largest Asian countries where culture and history combine to give an authentic experience for every traveler. Pakistan- is a land of people who believe in peace, cultural significance, history, traditions, festivals, and welcoming hospitality. 

The best thing about Pakistan is here you can explore different cultures, cuisines, iconic landmarks, and of course the most important food. Visiting Pakistan is a journey of witnessing the combination of modernity and culture. 

places to visit in Pakistan

Pakistanis are famous for their immense love for food! 

Why visit Pakistan?

As we discussed above here you can get a chance to delve into the traditions of this beautiful country. Whether you are an adventure enthusiast who loves exploring the thrilling northern sites or a history buff who finds it appealing to dive into ancient traditions, Pakistan is going to provide you with a complete array of extraordinary experiences!

Nestled in South Asia, Pakistan attracts thousands of travelers all around the world. The exceptional beauty and hospitality make foreign travelers visit this place more often. So if you are looking for a budget-friendly vacation or place to visit then visiting Pakistan is going to be a number one choice.

Best Hotels To Stay in:

Here are some of the best hotels to stay in Pakistan’s most popular cities which cover the following luxury hotels for exquisite and comfortable accommodation.

You can stay at one of the best luxury and budget-friendly hotels in Pakistan to have a safe home-like feel.

best hotels in pakistan

Best Hotels in Lahore

Stay at one of the best hotels in Lahore which can include 

  • Rose Palace Hotel
  • Luxury Hotel Lahore
  • Hotel Grand Lahore
  • Lahore Continental Hotel
  • Shelton Boulevard Hotel Lahore

Best Hotels in Karachi 

Stay at one of the best hotels of Karachi which can include

  • Sunset Suites
  • Diamond Lodge
  • Karachi Marriott Hotel
  • Hotel Pearl Inn
  • Mövenpick Hotel Karachi

Best Hotels in Islamabad 

Stay at one of the best hotels in Islamabad which can include

  • Never Hotel
  • PC Hotel
  • Serenity Corner
  • Envoy Continental Hotel 
  • Jasmine Inn
  • Trivelles Executive Suites Islamabad 

Top destinations of Pakistan:

Lahore- “The city of Gardens” where you can discover one of the most renowned and well-maintained gardens. The most exquisite gardens of this city cover Jilani Park, Shalimar Garden, Bagh-e-Jinnah, and many other famous gardens. 

Not only is the city of gardens but also has a historical site where you can discover spectacular historic landmarks. The exceptional historical landmarks of Lahore include Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort, Wazir Khan Mosque, Lahore Gate of Walled City, and many others.

Don’t miss out on trying the most authentic Nashta of Lahore which is Payai and Chanay from the local old stalls. The exceptional taste and crowd at the stalls will give you an understanding of why Nashta (of Payai) is this famous in the streets of Lahore.

Karachi – “The city of lights” to indulge in nightlife, bustling streets, and lively local markets. Whether you want to spend a relaxing day at Clifton Beach (Seaview) to enjoy a spectacular view of the sunset or explore the historical landmarks covering Mohatta Palace and Quaid-e-Azam’s Mausoleum.

Karachiites are renowned for their love of spices. Here you can taste the genuine Biryani which is enriched with spices. The mouth-watering spicy Biryani will surely leave your taste buds in awe. The people of Karachi claim that they serve and keep the best authentic spicy Biryani taste! 

Islamabad- “The capital city of Pakistan which is nestled against the backdrop of Margalla hills. The most modern city of Pakistan is also considered to be one of the most beautiful cities of Pakistan to visit and appreciate the beauty of this country. 

Get soaked into the beauty of its iconic landmarks covering the most famous Mosque of Pakistan (Faisal Mosque), Pakistan Monument, Shakarparian Hills, and many others.

Shop at one of the best and biggest malls of Islamabad which is Centaurus Mall. In case you are looking for outdoor activities and adventures you can visit Daman-e-Koh and Margalla Hills National Park. These two places are complete hubs for hiking, picnics, rock climbing, mount climbing, and trail running.

Islamabad is famous for its Pulao. So if you are not a spicy lover then this can be a better alternative. You can enjoy a pulao which is less in spices and rich in flavors. The perfect combination of taste and mild spices.

Multan- “The city of saints” which is renowned for its considerable number of mausoleums of saints and rich history. Discover the fascinating historical sites of Multan which includes the Shrine of Bahauddin Zakaria, Multan Fort, Multan Museum, Haram Gate, Ghanta Ghar, and Tomb of Shah Shams Sabzwari. 

While walking through the old streets of Multan don’t forget to try the speciality of this city which is Sohan Halwa. The traditional sweet is garnished with dry fruits like almonds, pistachios, cashews, and other nuts.

Peshawar– Another most popular city of Pakistan is Peshawar which is also the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This city is considered to be one of the ancient cities which is rich in culture and history. The extraordinary culture and Pashtun cuisine is what makes it more unique. 

Wander through the most visited historical sites of Peshawar by counting Qissa Khawani Bazar and Peshawar Museum into your must-visit list. So you don’t miss the real history of Pashtun culture and traditions.

When you visit Peshawar, never miss a chance to taste the original Peshawari Charsi Tikka, Kahwa, and Chapli Kebab. We ensure you’ll become a fan of their taste and hospitality. Peshawari people are also renowned for their warm hospitality as they love welcoming their guests with Kahwa and fry fruits. Apart from hospitality and food, you will be mesmerized completely by their Traditional Attan Dance. The clap and rhythmic steps are what make this dance so sophisticated and enjoyable. 

Northern Sites of Pakistan– The most visited sites of Pakistan cover the northern areas. Here comes the real beauty and scenery where you get completely lost while visiting beautiful places like Hunza Valley, Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan, Fairy Meadows, and Attabad Lake.

From the awe-inspiring turquoise water of Attabad Lake to the vibrant market experience of Gilgit, wandering through the enchanting beauty of Skardu to viewing the meadows offering the mesmerizing view of Nanga Parbat (the ninth highest mountain in the world)- these northern sites are enough to satisfy your cravings of nature! 

Swat Valley– Which is also considered the “Switzerland of Pakistan” is a heaven place to witness the serenity of nature. The treasures of nature and lush green scenery enhance the beauty of this place immensely.

Don’t forget to bless your eyes by witnessing the striking peaks of Hunza Valley which is renowned for its fruit orchards and historical forts (Baltit Fort and Altit Fort)

The most famous specialties of Swat Valley cover Trout Fish, Chapshuro, Station Pulao, Special Swati Honey, Walnut Cake, and Pheni. 

Culture and Festivals:

As we have mentioned above Pakistani culture and traditions will surely make you fall in love with it. The traditions of this place are what make it a more appealing destination to discover. Here you can enjoy music, traditional dance, and other rituals.

The spirit of Pakistani people to celebrate these festivals is what makes it more appealing. The way of celebrating and enjoying these events keeps the continuum alive. The most famous religious events in Pakistan are Eid ul Adha and Eid ul Fitr. The other most celebrated event is Basant which is celebrated on the arrival of spring. People fly kites, play music, and wear colorful clothes to enjoy the authentic feel of this festival.

Some other religious and traditional festivals cover the Annual Urs, Lok Mela, Shandur Polo Festival, and many other local festivals.

The best time to visit Pakistan:

The best time to visit Pakistan is Spring and Autumn. You can visit during autumn between September to November to enjoy perfect moderate and clear weather. 

The second best time to visit Pakistan is during Spring which is between March to May. So you can enjoy mild temperatures for perfect outdoor activities and adventures.

The best dishes to taste in Pakistan:

Although there are a plethora of dishes to try in Pakistan, let’s gather and talk about some of the most authentic and mouth-watering dishes. The most tasty and best dishes of Pakistan include Biryani, Nihari, Qourma, Haleem, Seekh Kebab, Karahi, Paya, and many others.

Apart from these local dishes, some other traditional dishes include Saagh, Balochi Sajji, Lassi, Momo, Ghewar, Kaak, and many others. 

Languages Spoken In Pakistan: 

Although Pakistan is a multilingual country with several languages spoken across different regions. But the major and most spoken languages are Urdu and Punjabi.

English is the official language in Pakistan which means you can communicate in English as well to convey your meanings.

Other major spoken languages are Balochi, Saraiki, Pashto, and Sindhi. These are several regional languages which are spoken in different regions of Pakistan.


In this comprehensive guide, Places Routes have mentioned the best places of Pakistan to discover. This complete travel guide of Pakistan will lead you through the best iconic landmarks and adventures to explore the authentic feel of this region.

From getting the knowledge of the best Pakistani local dishes to tasting the authentic traditional dishes, you can get a taste of both local and traditional food.

You can get to know about the most famous festivals and traditional events in this detailed guide. Not only this you can find the best hotels in Pakistan while staying in the most popular cities.

Be ready for an unforgettable travel experience in Pakistan that will leave you in awe!