Top 10 Best Luxury Hotels in France

Top 10 Best Luxury Hotels in France

France is famous for its amazing historical monuments, delightful French cuisine, striking art, unique architecture, museums, fashion, iconic Landmarks, and luxury five-star hotels. You will feel comfortable by staying at these 5-star luxury hotels with an ultimate blend of French architecture. From astounding accommodation to striking architecture, surrounding views to the best corniche service, amazing luxury amenities to well-managed interiors you can experience extraordinary hotel features with a luxury touch. We take the responsibility to assist you in walking through the best luxury hotels to make your trip a perfect one. Let’s discuss the luxury hotels in France.

1- Drawing House Hotel

Drawing House Hotel

Drawing House Hotel is located in Paris with Luxembourg Gardens. This hotel is famous for its artistic interior and amazing atmosphere. You can enjoy several extraordinary amenities at Drawing Hotel which are restaurants, an extraordinary Spa, Indoor Pool, and luxury accommodations. It’s unique with an awesome look that is close to a lot of big attractions.

Facilities at Drawing House

You can experience a wide range of facilities at Drawing House Hotel, like local attractions view, an Indoor Swimming Pool, Internet Access, High-Tech facilitated rooms, an equipped Staying Area, Parking space, a Fitness Centre, a Spa, Air Conditioned Rooms, 24 Hour Check-In, Meeting Halls, Outdoor Dining Area, and much more.

2- La Demeure Montaigne

La Demeure Montaigne

This hotel is located in the heart of Paris serving the best luxury services. This Hotel will plunge you into the delicacy and modernity of the excellent French atmosphere. The extraordinary experience of this hotel makes it one of the best luxury 5-star hotels in Paris, France. From heavenly massages to a spectacular lounge, and indoor swimming pool to a remarkable dining experience, 24-hour security, and excellent accommodation with awesome rooms-suites. You will get everything a traveler must need for a stay.

Ficalities at La Demeure Montaigne

This luxury hotel serves several amazing features and facilities, which include an Indoor Swimming Pool, Wellness Area, Professional Staff, Free Internet Access, Bar/Lounge, Spa, Security Service, Air Conditioned Rooms, Room Services, Restaurant ( l’Envolée.), Indoor Activities, Great Accommodation, and much more.

3- Château du Boulay Morin

Château du Boulay Morin

Château du Boulay Morin is another 5-star luxury hotel in France. It is the best place to stay with a blend of luxury and elegance. This top-notch luxury hotel is renowned for its luxury accommodations with a business center making it the best travel stay for business purposes as well. Exceptional with a lot of space accommodation and beautiful garden area makes it the best place to relax. This hotel is located in the Le Boulay Morin. This spacious hotel consists of 2 living rooms, 10 separate bedrooms, and 10 bathrooms with a bath and free toiletries.

Facilities at Château du Boulay Morin

This luxury hotel serves several amazing features and amenities including an Outdoor Swimming Pool, Free Wi-Fi access, an Indoor Activity Area, Free Parking, a Fitness Center Gym, structured Suites-Rooms, Professional Services, a Garden Area, a Bar, and many more.

4- Boutique Hotel Nice Côte d’azur

Boutique Hotel Nice Côte d'azur

This 4-star luxury hotel is located in NICE with a diverse range of premium services in France. The Boutique Hotel Nice Côte d’Azur is currently considered to be one of the best hotels in France. This hotel provides air-conditioned rooms with a desk, a kettle, a fridge, a safety, and a private bathroom with a shower. You can enjoy all the facilities and popular points of this hotel within an affordable budget.

Facilities at Boutique Hotel Nice Côte d’azur

This luxury hotel serves several amazing features at Boutique Hotel Nice Côte d’Azur which includes a Bar, Terrace Area, Free Internet, Dining Options, 24 24-hour security, Room Services, Rooms with Views, high-tech facilities, Entertainment, Indoor Activities, and much more.

5- Chouchou Hotel

 Chouchou Hotel

The Chouchou Hotel is an authentic place to explore French Craftsmanship. This place is also considered an ultimate French traditional place. This 4-star French cultured theme hotel in Paris offers endless facilities for the guests. It is the best place for business events to conduct seminars, meetings, and much more. This 4-star hotel has great accommodation, food experience, and French tradition to offer in the heart of the city.

Facilities at Chouchou Hotel

This luxury hotel serves many amazing features which include an Event Area, Rooms/Suites, Bar, Restaurant Service, Air Conditioned Rooms, City View, 24-hour service, Night Club, Entertainment, Paid Parking, Family, Great Accommodation, and much more.  

6- Cottage Marin Avec Vue Mer


If you are looking for the best hotels in France for couples with an apartment-style then it will be the best choice. The most considerable feature of COTTAGE MARIN avec VUE MER is its accommodation with a pretty patio so you can enjoy elegant surrounding views. Spend your holiday in COTTAGE MARIN Avec VUE MER. it is the best hotel for a couple and a solo traveler.

Facilities at COTTAGE MARIN avec VUE MER

Swimming Pool, Gym area, Kids Area, Spa, Business and Conference Center, Outdoor activities, Internet Free, Striking accommodation, Lounge/Sitting Area, Express check-in/Out, Swimming Pool, Onsite Dining, Parking, Outdoor Dining Area, Sports Activities, Room Services, Well Furnished Rooms, Patio and many more amazing amenities.

7- Villa Bagatelle – Luxury Apartment 

Villa Bagatelle - Luxury apartment 

This Villa Bagatelle is an attractive place to stay because of its exquisite patio with a stunning panoramic view of the beautiful Beach. The extraordinary ambiance is enough to make the traveler fall in love with its enchanting beauty. The accommodation charges vary according to the requirement but guaranteeing the comfort is going to be the same.

Facilities at Villa Bagatelle – Luxury apartment

Includes a Beachfront, Dining Area, Air Conditioned Rooms, access to other local attractions of the city, Windsurfing, Diving, Fishing, Entertainment, Wi-Fi services, and many more.

8- Villa Alexandra Luxury Apartments by Sweet Inn

 Villa Alexandra Luxury Apartments by Sweet Inn

This is a perfect spot for serenity in France. We can say that it is an ideal and luxurious place to stay. It is an amazing luxury hotel that gives access to a striking venue with an outdoor swimming pool, terrace, and an alluring garden area. Feel the aura of tranquility and fun with its outdoor activities. So if you are looking for a family and couple-friendly hotel to stay in France then you should visit this hotel.

Facilities at Villa Alexandra Luxury Apartments by Sweet Inn

The best amenities at Villa Alexandra Luxury Apartments by Sweet Inn include a Spa, Fitness Center, Wi-Fi access, Outdoor Swimming Pool, Garden, Terrace, Sea View, Family Rooms, Free Parking Are, Additional Room Amenities, Air Conditioned Rooms, and many more.

9- La Bastide de l’Oliveraie

La Bastide de l'Oliveraie

 La Bastide de l’Oliveraie is located in the beautiful location of France. If you are a nature seeker and love outdoor activities like swimming then you should visit this hotel. Because it is the best hotel in Cannes and you will get a lot of enjoyment from visiting this park. Both indoor and outdoor ambiance play a crucial role in making it the best hotel to stay in France. As it gives access to iconic landmarks, restaurants, markets, natural beauty, and the airport as well. Great accommodation which features a great blend of spacious rooms and suites. Feel the charm or feel of romance in this beautiful hotel in Cannes.

Facilities at La Bastide de l’Oliveraie

The best amenities you can get at La Bastide de l’Oliveraie include a Spa, Fitness Center, Outdoor Pool, Paid Parking, Baar Lounge, Kids Area, Bar/Lounge, High-Speed Internet, Air Conditioned Rooms, Mountain View, and much more.

10- Le Central Parc – T2-Spacieux-Clim-Wifi

Le Central Parc - T2-Spacieux-Clim-Wifi

Le Central Parc – T2-Spacieux-Clim-Wifi is located in Marseille,France. A fabulous luxury-style apartment experience is waiting for you in the beautiful city of France, Marseille. Well-furnished apartment with other acquainted accommodating facilities. A place to stay for couples and solo travelers as they serve one bedroom apart service. Here you can get many self-caring services making it a choice of the best luxury hotels in France.

Facilities at Le Central Parc-T2-Spacieux-Clim-Wifi

You can enjoy several amenities at Le Central Parc – T2-Spacieux-Clim-Wifi which includes Self Room Care Service, Free Wi-Fi access, Air Conditioned Rooms, a Kitchen, a TV, and many other basic facilities

SideNote: You can enjoy the aura of luxury while making an accommodation in these top 10 best luxury hotels in France.