20 Best Hotels in the United States of America


Here at Places Routes you can find the best hotels to stay and can also find the best cuisines within an affordable budget. Here we will provide a list of recommended list of USA best hotels where you can enjoy at affordable prices. So, Lets we discuss about the best hotels of USA.

List of the best hotels in UAE

1- Las Vegas Bellagio

This hotel is located near the Bellagio Fountains. Bellagio is one of most top luxury hotels in the Las Vegas Strip, USA. A true luxury experience awaits you with a surrounding view of exquisite Bellagio. With an elegant hotel interior, you can also breathe fresh in the beautiful lush green botanical gardens. It offers diverse Dining Options, including The Mayfair Supper Club Prime Steakhouse. Las Vegas Bellagio is a top-notch place to stay for couples. The interior of the hotel rooms is marbled beautifully and amazing courtyard pools provide access to fun water activities.

Facilities in Las Vegas Bellagio

You can enjoy the best facilities here like Shopping, dining, mini Bar air conditioning, and a Flat TV screen specific amenities may vary here, and some common features have five-star hotel.

2 – The Elser Hotel Miami

The Elser Hotel Miami is another best 4-star luxury hotels in the USA that is located near American Airlines Arena. You can get an awesome experience of Downtown Miami with comfortable accommodations. A diverse range of delightful cuisine with American, Italian, Mediterranean cuisine, and Halal food options can also be customized. You can also enjoy the best cuisines and accommodations within an affordable budget. Mesmerizing surrounding views of Miami Skyline or Biscayne Bay it has much more to offer which makes it one of the best luxury hotels in Miami, United States of America.

Facilities at The Elser Hotel Miami

You can enjoy several facilities at The Elser Hotel Miami which includes an Outdoor Swimming Pool, Bar/Lounge, Free Internet Access, Fitness Centre, 24-hour hotel Service, Air Conditioning Rooms, Furnished Room/Suite (Private Balconies), Dining Area, Rooftop, Outdoor Dining Area, Valet Parking, and much more.

3- CitizenM Miami Worldcenter Hotel

If you are looking for an amazing hotel experience in Miami, USA, an awesome stay is waiting for you. This 4-star hotel is located in the heart of Miami and has an easy-to-access location that attracts travelers to stay here. Further, you can get access to other outdoor venues like shopping areas and dining areas. This convenient hotel provides comfortable accommodations with other popular facilities that have 4-start hotels in the USA. It’s best for couples, solo travelers, and also best for business events in Miami, USA.

Facilities at citizenM Miami Worldcenter

You can enjoy several amenities at citizenM Miami Center which includes an Outdoor Swimming Pool, Fitness Centre, Air Conditioning Rooms, Lounge, Bar, Free Wi-Fi access, Meeting Rooms, 24-hour security, Room Service, Kids Area, Restaurant, Equipped Rooms with daily life requirements, Rooftop Pool and many other. 

4- Blossom Hotel Houston

The Blossom Hotel Houston is located in Houston and serves unique features and an abundance of remarkable services. This is one of the best 4-star luxury hotels to stay in Houston, USA.  A spacious living area covering other daily life amenities. From outdoor swimming pool to fitness center, family rooms to business event area, a top-notch hotel to stay in Houston-Texas both for leisure and business purposes. 

Facilities at Blossom Hotel Houston

You can enjoy several amenities at Blossom Hotel Houston which includes a Bar Private Parking, a Business Centre, Family Rooms, Restaurant Service, a Breakfast facility, an Outdoor Swimming Pool, Free Wi-Fi access, a Fitness Centre, a Rooftop Pool, Room Service, a Concierge Service, City View, Banquet Room, 24 Hour Security and much more.

5- The Capitana Key West 

You can experience the 4-star luxury accommodation with an amazing Beachfront at this hotel that is located in Key West, Florida. You can Enjoy the spectacular waterfront views with access to several outdoor site activities. Delight Dining options to the Balcony where you can enjoy the overall surrounding vibe of Key West attractions. The other effective and considerable facilities attract the visitors to mark it as one of the best hotels to stay in Key West, US.

Facilities at The Capitana Key West :

You can enjoy several facilities at The Capitana Key West which includes Free Parking, Wi-Fi access, a Beachfront, Private Beach Breakfast, Family Rooms, Kids Fun Activities, Suites/Room, a Bar/Lounge, an Outdoor Dining Area, a Fitness Centre, and many more. 

6- Pendry Chicago 

Best Hotels in the United States

This hotel is famous for its iconic art, atmosphere, and architecture which adds charm to the venue making it one of the top-best hotels in Chicago-USA. Pendry Chicago is located in Chicago featuring the best hotel services to provide comfort and appealing architecture. The Pendry Chicago is also a 4-star hotel to stay in the United States of America. You will fall into the haven view from the terrace and you will feel the perfect spirit of Chicago, Illinois. Whether you are planning a trip for business or leisure, Pendry Chicago will be one of the best options for you.

Facilities at Pendry Chicago:

You can enjoy several facilities at Pendry Chicago which include Free Internet Access, a Fitness Centre, Indoor Sports, Outdoor Sports, a Lounge, an Inhouse Bar, a Restaurant, Room Service, 24 24-hour security Service, City View, Suites, Outdoor Dining Area, Rooftop Bar, Patio, Breakfast, Pet Friendly, Meeting Rooms and Banquet Room.

7- The Wallace Hotel

The Wallace Hotel is one of the best that offers the ultimate atmosphere and luxury environment in New York City. The Wallace Hotel is serving a dream life exposure and awesome living in New York with a high-quality hotel stay. Well-maintained accommodation with the best breathtaking and surrounding views makes a visitor’s top luxury hotel to stay in.

Facilities at The Wallace Hotel:

You can enjoy several lists of facilities at The Wallace Hotel including Parking, Family Rooms, a Fitness Center, Free Wi-Fi access, 24-hour security, a Business Center, a bar, and many more.

8- Sable At Navy Pier Chicago

An amazing hotel experience is waiting for you in the heart of Chicago. Sable At Navy Pier Chicago, Curio Collection By Hilton is the most attractive, where you can find fun activities in and around the venues. The prime location of this luxury 4-star hotel provides easy access to Chicago’s best attractions like the Chicago Museum, Navy Pier, etc. You will get comfortable accommodation with air-conditioned rooms, a lounge, and wifi access.

You can enjoy several lists of amenities at Sable At Navy Pier Chicago which includes Paid On-Site Parking, Free High-Speed Internet, Outdoor Dining, a Rooftop Bar, Meeting Rooms, a Bar, a Lounge, a Business Center, 2 Restaurants, a Banquet Room, and Fitness Center.

9- Luskin Hotel

The best luxury hotel is located in the heart of Los Angeles, California. An exceptional experience of luxury is waiting for you. Conference and meeting areas are a part of the venue to make your business events more convenient. Apart from business concerns, you can also choose it for a couple’s stay as it is a top-rated hotel to stay in Los Angeles, California for couples.

Facilities at Amenities at Luskin Hotel

You can enjoy several facilities at Luskin Hotel including Onsite Parking, Family Rooms, Room Service, a Fitness Center, a Bar, a Restaurant, Pet Friendly, Air Conditioning, and Breakfast.

10- The Estate Yountville

Enjoy the estate venue which features an indoor and outdoor space area with a beautiful location in the heart of Napa Valley’s Yountville. The excellent complimentary service made it to the list of top best luxury hotels in California, USA. Another considerable feature of The Estate Villa is you can access the terrace with each room in the hotel.

Best Popular Services at The Estate Yountville:

You can enjoy several amenities at The Estate Yountville including Swimming Pools, a Wellness Center, a Fitness Center, 3 Restaurants, a Bar, Air Conditioning, a Conference Area, Room Service, Free Breakfast, Suites, and Pool View.

11- Henry Norman Hotel 

This is located in Brooklyn with luxury 5-star hotel features and environment. You can experience the magnificent interior of the Henry Norman Hotel, every corner of the hotel is designed so sophistically. The immaculate clean atmosphere of the hotel adds an extra charm to its beauty and makes it into one of the best luxury hotels in Brooklyn, USA. The rooms are well furnished and tidy, fulfilling all the cleanliness concerns of the customer.

Facalities at Henry Norman Hotel 

You can enjoy several facilities at the Henry Norman Hotel which include Free Internet Access, a Fitness Center, Room Facilities, a Business Center, a Rooftop Terrace, Wine/Champagne, Street Parking, Parking, a Shared lounge/TV Area, 24-hour Check-In, Air Conditioning, Separate Dining, Suites/Family Rooms, City View, Breakfast and much more.

12- Little Missouri Inn & Suites

Little Missouri Inn & Suite roadside hotel is 2 miles away from Jacobson Park. From basic to extraordinary, you can enjoy a diverse range of notable amenities with a luxury-style treatment in the USA. You can discover other facilities with beautiful city surroundings around the hotel. This World-class luxury hotel is waiting for you at one of the best hotels to stay in North Dakota, USA. They Deliver a package of facilities with their premium charges that will make your business meetings stay outstanding.

13- Hotel Hartness

This luxury 4-star hotel is located in Green Ville, South Carolina. Serving the most notable amenities in Green Carolina with a true spirit of hospitality. You can explore the awesome accommodation with some fun outdoor activities and delight in American Cuisine. Friendly staff, so you don’t have to face any problems while communicating and getting info regarding the hotel menu.

Hotel Hartness is the most amazing hotel in South Carolina, USA. This luxury boutique hotel in the USA is renowned for its exceptional facilities, and world-class delightful American cuisine.

Facilities at Hotel Hartness:

The best popular amenities at Hotel Hartness include a Garden View, Free Parking, an Outdoor Swimming Pool, a Bar, a Spa, Free Internet Access, Fitness Center, 2 Restaurants, Private Pool, Breakfast Buffet, Outdoor Dining Area, Outdoor Activities (Hiking, Fishing or Cycling), Lounge, Patio, Indoor Activities Area, Banquet Halls, Conference Rooms, and much more.

14- Cityscape Luxury Rental Homes 

Best Hotels in the United States of America

Cityscape Luxury Rental Homes in the Heart of Los Angeles features accommodation with a business event area making it a top-rated hotel in Los Angeles, USA for business purposes as well. This aparthotel is located in the heart of Los Angeles, serving features like air-conditioned and well-equipped accommodation with a beautiful terrace. A perfect Dining Area and Lounge to enjoy the overall stay experience. Cityscape Luxury Rental Homes in the Heart of Los Angeles’s price structure varies according to required preference. The most popular amenities at Cityscape Luxury Rental Homes in the Heart of Los Angeles include Private Parking, Free Internet Access, a Fitness Center, Equipped Apartments, an Outdoor Swimming Pool, Business Center, Concierge Service, VIP Check-In, Family Rooms, and much more.

15- The Marbella

A great atmosphere with the Beachfront. The Marbella is the best 5-star luxury hotel located in Oceanside, California. The most considerable feature of “The Marbella” is a haven place to stay for nature lovers with the ultimate beachfront view. A blend of sophisticated living spaces with a treasure of natural surroundings. Outstanding interiors of elegant room spaces with a separate terrace. The ambiance and atmosphere of the Marbella Hotel make it one of the best luxury hotels in California, USA. The most popular amenities at The Marbella include Beachfront, Elegant Rooms/Suites, Free Parking, a Gym, a Business Center, a Theater, and many more amazing daily needs room amenities. 

16- Casa Luisa Joshua Tree Desert Oasis

This luxury 5-star hotel is located in the heart of Joshua Tree, California. The Casa Luisa Joshua Tree Desert Oasis is renowned for its modern-day amenities.  You can add it to your list while searching for the best hotels in the USA. The beautiful balcony view, outdoor swimming pool, and great interior accommodation add charm to the beauty of the hotel.

Facilities at Casa Luisa Joshua Tree Desert Oasis:

The most popular amenities at Casa Luisa Joshua Tree Desert Oasis include an Outdoor Swimming Pool, Free Parking, Family Rooms, a Balcony, Pet-friendly, Free Internet Access, Air Conditioning, a Sauna, Terrace, and much more.

17- Luxury Townhouse in Atlanta Suburb

Luxury Townhouse in Atlanta Suburb in Collinsville with accommodation featuring equipped rooms and many other major benefits. The best vacation stay in the USA offers air-conditioned rooms, private valet parking, and other major room services.  With several facilities, it also serves the natural attractions to make the hotel stay more fun and comfortable. 

Facilities at Luxury Townhouse in Atlanta Suburb:

The most popular facilities at Luxury Townhouse in Atlanta Suburb include Air Conditioning, Free Wi-Fi Access, Room Service, self-catering, Kitchen, Leisure/Spa, and much more.

18- Hanalei Bay Resort

Hanalei Bay Resort is located in Princeville, USA. The best luxury hotel experience with access to the beach and outdoor swimming pool. The best luxury resort in the USA features breathtaking views and activities. You can capture the beauty and panoramic view of the Beach making a tranquil escape for those who love exploring tranquility. A perfect place to have fun with family.

Facilities at Hanalei Bay Resort:

The most popular amenities at Hanalei Bay Resort include a Beach View, Outdoor Activities, Private Parking, 2 Swimming Pools, a Fitness Center, Family Rooms, Family Friendly, Meeting rooms, a Picnic Area, Concierge Service, and much more.

19- Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa 

Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa is an exquisite nature-themed resort located in Rancho Santa Fe, California. It is an iconic sanctuary to the lush green garden of nature surrounding. This is one of the best resorts in California, USA for nature enthusiasts. Enjoy the amazing delightful cuisine with a touch of Mediterranean settings. The perfect blend of modernity and nature in California, USA.

Best Popular Amenities at Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa:

The most popular amenities at Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa, a wellness Center, an Outdoor Swimming Pool, Free Parking, Room Service, 2 Restaurants, a Bar, a Lounge, a Banquet Room, Room Service, Conference Facilities, and much more.

20- The Ritz- Carlton, Charlotte 

Last but not least, the top-luxury 5-star Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte is located in Downtown Charlotte, California. A unique blend of exquisite interior and elegant style is what makes it one of the best luxury hotels in the USA. Dive into the world of elegance with the proximity to most top attractions of the city. From a haven spa to rooftop dining is going to make your vacation more charming.

Best Popular Amenities at The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte:

The most popular amenities at The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte include Private Parking, Wi-Fi Access, Family Rooms, Spa, Wellness Center, Restaurant (Lobby Lounge and K Lounge), Fitness Center, Bar/Lounge, Meeting Rooms, Banquet Rooms, Entertainment and much more.

In this article, we have mentioned the best luxury hotels in the United States. From luxury hotels to the exquisite aura of cities of the United States, you can get to know the top 20 best hotels in the United States of America to stay in. With the most luxurious experience of world-class hotels in the America -United States, you can mark the best hotels while planning your trip to America.