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You might have heard of people planning a vacation and choosing Hawaii as their travel destination spot. Hawaii is one of the most visited and well-renowned states in the US region. Let’s find out why you should choose Hawaii as the best travel destination.

Hawaii as a Best Travel Destination:

Hawaii is an island place where you can plan a perfect holiday trip. Plan a trip to Hawaii and get to witness the most appealing sites of this beautiful place. We have come up with the most incredible and best places to visit in Hawaii that are supposed to be visited.

The most visited vacation places of Hawaii are all set to cater to a nature getaway where you can feel the freshness of the air, and witness unbelievable nature treasures, adventure activities, stunning islands, and other breathtaking landscapes. 

Without wasting a moment let’s find out the top 10 best places in Hawaii to visit. 

1- Lanai 

The sixth largest Hawaiian island, Lanai is not only renowned for its diverse natural wonders, pristine beaches, and secluded treasures but also its considerable linked history of pineapple plantation. 

This Pineapple island, Lanai caters to a variety of places where you can navigate through the best natural wonders of Hawaiian Island. Whether you like soaking up the sun with a captivating beach comfort (Polihua Beach) or finding a perfect snorkeling spot (Hulopoe Bay) these two places are enough to satisfy your nature exploration cravings.

The surreal and captivating surroundings of Garden of the Gods (Keahiakawelo) are an otherworldly landscape to creates a unique atmosphere. The incredible rocks, spires, and other weird formations are what make it a different and unique place to visit in Hawaii.

Lost in the serenity and breathtaking panoramic views of Lanai at Munro Trail, which displays marvelous sights of surrounding canyons, ocean, and lush forests. 

Top attractions in Lanai:

Discover and explore the top attractions of Lanai which includes,

  • Munro Trail
  • Polihua Beach
  • Hulopoe Bay
  • Shipwreck Beach
  • Garden of the Gods 

2- Waikiki  (Oahu)  

Located on Oahu island, this beautiful neighborhood in Honolulu is renowned for its captivating shorelines, perfect panoramic views, serene atmosphere, and other appealing attractions.

Relax on Waikiki Beach by walking on the white sand or witness the beauty of its turquoise blue water. Not only this it also offers surfing and snorkeling options, making it a complete water adventure place. If you are seeking the best romantic place in Hawaii then visiting Waikiki Beach in Honolulu is an ultimate and ideal vacation option for couples. 

In case you are traveling with family, don’t forget to visit the Honolulu Zoo or Kapiolani Regional Park which provides the best entertainment areas for kids. Appreciate the conservation and dedication to protecting marine life at Waikiki Aquarium by strolling through the visual display of the aquarium.

Other Top Attractions in Waikiki:

Discover and explore the top attractions in Waikiki Beach which include,

  • Honolulu Zoo 
  • Waikiki Aquarium
  • Waikiki Beach
  • Kapiolani Regional Park 
  • Diamond Head State Monument
  • International Market Place

3- Pearl Harbor National Memorial (Oahu)

Best Places to Visit in the Hawaii

Pearl Harbor National Memorial offers a historical site, including several attractions to provide an opportunity for the visitors to reconnect with the history. This national memorial is a tribute to the most pivotal moments in the history of the US to appreciate and acknowledge the services of civilians during the war.

This historical site is located on Oahu Island, Hawaii offers the visitor an informative and educational experience to acknowledge the US history attack and how it shaped the course of World War II. 

Discover the historical sites of Pearl Harbor National Memorial which covers USS Arizona Memorial, USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park, USS Oklahoma Memorial, Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor, and Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. Visit this place to mark it as one of the best historical places to visit in Hawaii.

Top attractions of Pearl Harbor National Memorial:

Discover and explore the top attractions of Pearl Harbor National Memorial which include 

  • USS Arizona Memorial
  • USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park
  • Pearl Harbor Visitor Center
  • Battleship Missouri Memorial
  • Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor

4- Road to Hana (Maui)

Experience the scenic expedition by witnessing the stunning Hana highway which is in Maui, Hawaii. Driving the road to Hana is one of the most unique and adventurous places to visit in Hawaii. 

This approximately 53-mile Hana Highway will take you on a voyage through the most scenic coastal views, unrealistic waterfalls surrounding, and other considerable natural attractions. Make a stop to appreciate the natural picturesque atmosphere of the waterfalls at Hana which include, Wailua Falls, Twin Falls, and Hanawi Falls.

Take a glimpse of Waiʻanapanapa State Park which is renowned for its black sand beach, gorgeous coastline, and appealing visual surroundings. By stopping at Paia Town you can have some refreshment time here by having a delightful breakfast, lunch, coffee, and some other snacks. 

Soak up the sun and have some relaxation at the beautiful Hamoa Beach where you can enjoy some fun water activities and picnicking. Hana High Drive is full of fun and adventures, don’t forget to count it in your list of best Hawaii places to visit with friends.

Top attractions of Road to Hana:

Discover and explore the top attractions of Road to Hana which include,

  • Hamoa Beach
  • Paia Town
  • Hana Town
  • Waiʻanapanapa State Park
  • Wailua Falls
  • Garden of Eden Arboretum

5- Haleakalā National Park (Maui)

Visit Haleakala National Park which is the most visited place in Hawaii, renowned for its hiking trails and Seven Sacred Pools. This beautiful and scenic national park is located on Maui Island, Hawaii. 

The most attractive feature of this place is Seven Sacred Pools (Oheo Gulch) which is located in Kipahulu Valley. These pools serve the best scenic view of lush green forest, picturesque waterfalls, and other captivating backdrops.

Enjoy some appealing activities during your visit to Haleakala National Park, which offers hiking trails, a camping area, stargazing, and viewing jaw-dropping sunsets. The numerous hiking trails of this national park will allow you to have a close sight of volcano features.

Have a sight of Hawaiian culture and appreciate the preservation of wildlife that exists nowhere else. The breathtaking experience at the summit of Haleakala caters to you to a perfect sight of the Haleakala crater (massive volcano crater), cinder cones, jaw-dropping sunset, and sunrise view.

Top attractions in Haleakala National Park

Discover and explore the top attractions of Haleakala National Park

which include,

  • Haleakala Crater
  • Pipiwai Trail
  • Hosmer Grove
  • Seven Sacred Pools (Oheo Gulch)

6-  Mauna Kea (Big Island)

Mauna Kea (White Mountain), the tallest mountain in the Hawaiian Islands, is considered the most unique place to visit in Hawaii. This sacred place is renowned for several captivating activities including stargazing, and breathtaking views of sunset and sunrise.

The Mauna Kea summit serves as an astronomical site to observe the sky, as it displays world-class astronomical observatories. Experience the feel of stargazing at the summit of Mauna Kea where the sky is clear and unpolluted.

You can witness the summit covered with snow during the winter time, that’s the reason for calling it a white mountain. Explore the clear atmosphere of the surrounding view at the summit of Mauna Kea. 

Top attractions of Mauna Kea:

Discover and explore the top attractions of Mauna Kea which include:

  • Mauna Kea Visitor Information Station
  • Keck Observatory
  • Lake Waiau Trail 
  • Puʻuhuluhulu
  • Mauna Kea Summit Trail 

7- Akaka Falls State Park (Big Island)

The most beautiful and famous waterfall of Hawaii, Akaka Falls State Park highlights the majestic beauty of nature. This park is located on Big Island which is recognized as one of the best islands in Hawaii to view the gems of Hawaii.

Feel the serenity of nature by breathing in the scented air of lush green surroundings with an ultimate view of an incredible cascading waterfall. (Akaka Falls and Kahuna Fall). The unparalleled atmosphere of this park makes it a perfect vacation place to relax your mind and body.

Walking paths or Hiking trails, navigate you through the spectacular ride to the most appealing nature surroundings featuring the cascading waterfall, flora, and fauna. If you are visiting Hawaii for the first time, then believe it you will adore this picturesque and charming place in Hawaii.

Top attractions of Akaka Falls State Park: 

Discover and explore the top attractions in Akaka Falls State Park which include

  • Akaka Falls
  • Kahuna Fall
  • Hiking Trails
  • Bamboo Groves
  • Wildlife Watching

8- Hawaii Volcano National Park (Big Island)

The main interest that revolves around this park is to learn and explore the Hawaiian Island and its incredible volcanic features.

This incredible park is renowned for its considerable landscape, and cultural and geological features. So in case you have an interest in geology or exploring history, then visiting this park is going to be the most unique activity to do in Hawaii.

Witness the top attractions of this park with Halema’uma’u Crater and Kilauea’s Caldera. Visitors can discover these old lava caves to observe the massive volcanic crater and activity from a distant view. 

The Crater Rim Drive takes you on a scenic drive around the summit caldera, so you can appreciate and indulge in the surrounding scenery of volcano landscapes. Witness the Thurston Lava Tube (Nahuku) to stroll through the tunnel cave, a way which was formed by the flowing of lava.

Top attractions of Hawaii Volcano National Park :

Discover and explore the top best attractions of Hawaii Volcano National Park which include:

  • Halema’uma’u Crater
  • Kilauea’s Caldera
  • Crater Rim Drive
  • Thurston Lava Tube
  • Mauna Loa

9- Kalaupapa National Historical Park (Moloka’i)

Count Kalaupapa National Historical Park in your list of the top visiting places in Hawaii, and this is located on the island of Molokai. This historical park of Kalaupapa is recognized for its historical significance which is linked to Hansen’s disease and Father Damien.

This park was once an isolated area to prevent people with Hansen’s disease and now preserves the memories of those people who settled there in the time of the disease. This striking location of Kalaupapa is only accessible by having a mule ride, hiking, and plane rides. 

On your trail to Kalaupapa Peninsula, you will witness the incredible beauty of the surrounding landscape featuring tremendous sights of sea cliffs, lush green scenery, and breathtaking views of the surroundings.

The Kalaupapa National Historical Park is now dedicated to education and awareness to give visitors a glimpse of history.

Top attractions of Kalaupapa National Historical Park:

Discover and find the top attractions of Kalaupapa National Historical Park which include: 

  • Kalaupapa Peninsula
  • Kalaupapa Lookout
  • Saint Philomena Catholic Church

10- Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park (Kauai) 

This spectacular scenery of the Na Pali Coastline, in northwest Kauai island serves as one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. The jaw-dropping natural landscape exhibits a stunning surrounding sight of cascading waterfalls, pristine beaches, and freshwater rivers. 

This stunning coastline is also recognized for its Hawaiian cultural significance (Nualolo Kai), and diverse flora and fauna. Kalalau Trail provides a hiking opportunity to experience the beauty of the Na Pali Coastline. This hiking trail is the most attractive place in this park to discover the rugged cliffs, cascading waterfall, freshwater stream, and panoramic view of pristine beaches which are Hanakapiai Beach and Kalalau Beach.

You can also experience the stunning coastline of Na Pali by booking a snorkeling tour which is offered by several sailing companies in Kauai. Get lost in the serenity of this lush green park with some attractive activities (Hiking and Snorkeling) or other natural attractions. 

Visiting Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park is a complete haven experience that’s why it is considered to be one of the most attractive places in Hawaii. This is also a perfect adventure and nature place for those who are looking for a perfect place in Hawaii to visit with friends and family.

Top attractions of Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park:

Discover and find the top attractions of Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park which include:

  • Hanakapiai Beach 
  • Kalalau Beach
  • Kalalau Trail
  • Kalalau Valley
  • Nualolo Kai


In this above-mentioned detail, we have tried to conclude some of the best places in Hawaii. We find the top 10 places in Hawaii so you can observe an everlasting experience of your Hawaii trip.

Hawai is renowned for its serene, natural, and romantic atmosphere which makes it one of the best romantic places to visit in the US region. Discover the remote landscapes to find out the best island of Hawaii.

Plan your trip to Hawaii and feel the atmosphere of love with Places Routes.