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Best Sandy Beaches in Greece 2023

Going on an amazing journey to a beautiful place? There are many Best sandy Beaches in Greece. These Beaches are attractive with clear waters and golden sand. It makes them very attractive to travelers. Let’s explore the top Greek Beaches, each with its unique charm and beauty.

Greece has beautiful sandy beaches along its coasts. These beaches let you enjoy the sun and the sea. You can find beaches for relaxing or having fun, making Greece a great place for all types of travelers. Whether you want a peaceful and quiet time or an exciting and lively experience in Greece.

Navagio Beach in Zakynthos

Navagio Beach, also known as Shipwreck Beach. It is a hidden gem in Zakynthos, Greece. It is surrounded by tall cliffs. The only way to reach this enchanting oasis is by boat. The Beach is pristine, with soft golden sand meeting the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea. What makes it even more attractive Is the old shipwreck on the beach is a part of maritime history. The contrast of the rusty shipwreck against the clear blue sea creates a captivating and somewhat eerie scene, leaving visitors lost in a dream of nature’s beauty and maritime stories. Whether you’re adventure-seeking new experiences or a nature lover looking for peace, Navagio Beach offers a perfect retreat into Greece’s coastal wonders.

Balos Beach in Crete

Balos Beach in Crete is a place with beautiful sandy shores and crystal-clear blue waters. The sand there is soft and white, like a big, cozy blanket. Many people visit Balos Beach because it’s one of the most stunning places in Crete. The water is so clear that you can see the fish swimming around.

To get to Balos Beach, you can take a boat ride or a short hike. The hike is a bit of a walk, but it’s worth it. When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by this amazing view that looks like something out of a postcard. The beach is like a little piece of paradise on Earth.

Many people like to spend the day at Balos Beach, sunbathing, swimming, and taking in the beauty of nature. You can also find some small shells along the shore, which makes it fun to explore. The whole area is a great place to relax and forget about your worries. So, if you’re in Crete and want to experience a truly beautiful Beach, Balos Beach is the place to be.

Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia

Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia is a really pretty place that shows off nature’s beauty. It has tall cliffs, clear blue water, and smooth white pebbles on the shore. The bay looks like a curved shape and gives you amazing views. The water is clear and great for swimming or just relaxing. When the sun sets the sky turns different shades of blue, which makes you feel peaceful.

Myrtos Beach isn’t just for resting; it’s a place that helps you connect with nature’s greatness. You can look for cool pebbles, explore caves, or simply look at the horizon. Myrtos Beach is a timeless spot that makes your heart feel happy and your mind dream.

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Egremni Beach – Lefkada

Egremni Beach is a beautiful place in Lefkada, Greece. It’s like a Mediterranean paradise. You can get there by walking down a big staircase built into the white cliffs. The beach has soft ivory-colored sand that goes into the Ionian Sea.

The gentle waves are perfect for swimming or just relaxing in the sun. The tall cliffs around the Beach make it feel like a quiet and private spot, where you can find peace and enjoy some time alone. Egremni Beach is a place for calm and to be close to nature. It’s like a haven that makes you feel refreshed and connected to the Mediterranean’s enchanting beauty.

Elafonissi Beach: Where Dreams Merge with Reality

In the southwest part of Crete, Greece, there’s an amazing place called Elafonissi Beach. It’s known for its stunning natural beauty and magical charm. Imagine soft pink and white sands that look like they’ve come out of a dream. There’s a shallow lagoon that leads you to this relaxing and adventurous place. The clear, shallow water invites you to find peace. Just a short swim away, there’s an inviting little island that promises exciting discoveries.

As you feel the sand on your feet and the gentle waves meet the land, the colors all blend like a beautiful painting, creating a symphony of colors. Elafonissi Beach is not just a place to visit; it’s like stepping into a world where time stands still, and the wonders of nature surround you in a splendid dance. Whether you’re looking for peace, adventure, or tranquility, Elafonissi has a story to tell. It’s a reminder of how breathtakingly beautiful our planet is, and it invites you to lose yourself in its captivating beauty.

Sarakiniko Beach in Milos – Best Sandy Beaches in Greece 2024

Best Sandy Beaches in Greece 2023

When you visit the Greek island of Milos, you’ll find a special place called Sarakiniko Beach. It’s unlike any beach you’ve seen before. Imagine smooth, white rocks that look like they’ve been shaped by nature’s hands over many years. They stand out against the bright blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Walking on these rocks feels like you’re on another planet. It’s fascinating and a bit unreal. The contrast between the white rocks and the deep blue sea is a beautiful sight that you’ll remember.

Sarakiniko Beach is a favorite spot for photographers and a place where artists find inspiration. But it’s not just about its appearance; it’s also a peaceful and private place. The hollows and formations in the rocks create small, cozy spots where you can enjoy the secrets of nature. Whether you’re sitting on the rocks, exploring their interesting shapes, or looking at the endless sea, Sarakiniko Beach lets you experience the incredible beauty of nature, feel its hidden charm, and see the amazing sculptures it has created. It’s a special place where nature’s artistry is on full display, and it’s waiting for you to explore and enjoy its wonders.

Koukounaries Beach in Skiathos:

In the lovely embrace of Skiathos, you’ll find a Beach paradise called Koukounaries Beach. Here, nature puts on a beautiful show of peace and beauty. A fragrant pine forest shares its lovely smell with the salty sea breeze. The Beach is a mix of soft golden sand and green trees.

The clear waters of the Aegean Sea gently touch the shore, bringing calm and tranquility. During the sunny days, the Beach becomes alive with lots of things to do. You can try water sports if you’re feeling adventurous or just relax if you want some peace. Imagine sunbathing, walking along winding paths, or playing Beach volleyball. Koukounaries have a special charm that makes your body and soul happy. 

This isn’t just any Beach; it’s like the best combination where nature and people come together to create joy and adventure. It’s a beautiful blend of nature and human happiness, making memories of a perfect getaway that you’ll cherish.

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Porto Katsiki Beach in  Lefkada:

Hidden in the rocky embrace of Lefkada, you’ll discover a real treasure—Porto Katsiki Beach, proof of how amazing nature can be. To reach this wonderful place, you have to make a dramatic journey down the cliffs. Once you get there, you’ll see a beautiful scene of pristine beauty and adventure mixed with calm. In front of you, there are the bright blue waters of the Ionian Sea, making a strong contrast with the tall limestone cliffs hugging the Beach.

The bay is shaped like a crescent and it’s a peaceful spot for relaxing or taking a refreshing swim. Nature has made this place look rugged and beautiful, with the play of light and shadow. It’s a photographer’s dream to capture the beauty of this place. Whether you love the thrill of walking along cliffside paths or just sitting and relaxing, Porto Katsiki Beach shows the beauty of Greece’s coastline, where the land meets the sea. It’s a reminder of how incredible nature is, leaving a lasting memory and creating a picture of beauty in your heart and mind.

Paleokastritsa Beach in Corfu:

On the lovely island of Corfu, Greece, you’ll find Paleokastritsa Beach, a place where nature’s beauty and timeless charm come together perfectly. It’s in a beautiful bay, and it’s all about peace.

The green waters of the Ionian Sea gently touch the shore, and the waves make a soothing sound that makes you feel calm inside. The hills around the beach are covered in vibrant green plants, creating a private and cozy atmosphere. It’s a special place that’s unique to Paleokastritsa. You can relax on the soft sand or go on an adventure to explore the sea caves along the coast. Many hidden treasures are waiting for you.

Take a leisurely boat ride to find secret spots and enjoy local food in the nearby village to make your Beach visit even more special. When the sun sets, it paints a warm golden light over the landscape, turning Paleokastritsa Beach into a beautiful scene of colors and emotions. It’s a place you’ll remember, a journey into the heart of Corfu’s natural wonders, and an invitation to enjoy the beautiful connection of sea, sand, and sky that makes Greece’s beaches so captivating.

Super Paradise Beach in Mykonos

Imagine going to a place called Super Paradise Beach on the island of Mykonos. It’s a special place where you can feel lots of energy and excitement, and it’s surrounded by the beauty of nature. This Beach is famous for being lively and fun, and it’s like a doorway to all sorts of exciting adventures by the sea. When you walk on the soft sand, it’s like a burst of happiness in the air.

The yellow sand meets the clear water of the sea, and it makes you want to jump in and play water games. Super Paradise Beach is not just for relaxing; it’s more like a big playground. Here, there’s always music in the background, people laughing, and the days are filled with fun. As the sun goes down and the stars come out, it’s like a dance floor in the sky.

Music and laughter come together perfectly. Whether you’re looking for an exciting getaway, a place to make memories, or just want to experience the charm of Mykonos, Super Paradise Beach is a tribute to the island’s reputation as a global hotspot for having a good time and enjoying life. It’s a place that will leave you with lots of happy memories.

Kolymbithres Beach in Paros:

Paros, a beautiful island, has a hidden gem called Kolymbithres Beach. It’s a special place where nature’s beauty mixes with calmness. The Beach looks like a canvas decorated with granite sculptures that time and the elements have shaped. These sculptures create little pockets and pools, like nature’s secret swimming spots. When the sun shines down, the gentle waves make a peaceful sound as they touch the shore.

This scene makes you feel that taking your worries away. The bright blue waters of the Aegean Sea are a dream for artists. You can explore the interesting shapes in the rocks, feel the warm sun, or look out at the big picture of the sea and sky. Kolymbithres Beach is a reminder of the beauty of Greece’s coastline, where nature and the human heart come together. It leaves an impression on your senses and memories with its timeless beauty.

Voidokilia Beach in Messinia:

On the shores of Messinia, Greece, there’s a hidden paradise called Voidokilia Beach. It’s a wonderful mix of history, natural beauty, and peacefulness. This place is like a half-circle where the land and the sea come together, creating a haven that sparks your imagination and tells stories of timeless charm.

Turquoise water hugs the sandy shores, and it’s like a beautiful dance of colors that makes you feel calm. The gentle waves create a cozy rhythm where the soft sand and cool water come together, inviting you to take a leisurely walk or just daydream by the ocean. There are whispers of legends here. Some say this could be the palace from ancient stories, King Nestor’s sanctuary as told in Homeric tales. Enchantment and history mix, with the past and the present weaving their stories.

When you step into this magical place, you can wade through the shallow waters, explore the serene lagoon, or simply enjoy the amazing view. Voidokilia Beach is like a poetic reminder of Greece’s timeless wonders. It’s an invitation to uncover the secrets of history, embrace the beauty of nature, and go on a journey where discovery is whispered by the gentle winds and echoed by the soothing tides.

Agios Prokopios Beach in Naxos:

On the lovely island of Naxos, you’ll find Agios Prokopios Beach, a place that combines natural beauty with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It’s named after the island’s patron saint and embodies the Greek spirit of charm and hospitality. When you step onto the soft and golden sand, you’ll see a breathtaking view of crystal-clear turquoise waters, inviting you to enjoy endless possibilities. The gentle waves make a calming sound, encouraging you to either wade into the sea or simply relax under the warm sun. The Beach is surrounded by rolling hills and traditional Cycladic architecture, creating a beautiful backdrop that defines Agios Prokopios Beach.

You can enjoy and explore things comfortably. Go on water adventures, or taste local foods in nearby the village. Many experiences are waiting for you. As the sun sets, the sky turns golden and crimson, turning Agios Prokopios Beach into a canvas of feelings, a memory that stays with you. It’s a place where you can feel the warm and welcoming nature of Greek hospitality and experience the timeless charm of coastal living.


Greece’s sandy Beaches are not just for sunbathing and swimming; they are where nature shows its grand beauty. From the peaceful Paleokastritsa to the exciting Super Paradise Beach, every beach has its own unique experiences waiting for you. So, bring your sense of wonder, explore the clear blue waters, and let Greece’s best sandy beaches tell you their stories of beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1:  Can I visit these Beaches year-round?

Ans: While many of these Beaches are accessible year-round, it’s advisable to check for seasonal variations and any potential restrictions.

Q 2:  Are these Beaches suitable for families with children?

Ans: Yes, several of these Beaches, such as Agios Prokopios Beach and Kolymbithres Beach, offer family-friendly settings with shallow waters and serene surroundings.

Q 3:  Do I need to rent transportation to access these Beaches?

Ans: While some may require transportation, many can be reached via public options, making your journey to paradise convenient and accessible.

Q 4: Are accommodations and amenities available nearby?

Ans: Most of these Beaches offer nearby accommodations, facilities, and even local dining options to enhance your Beach experience.

Q 5:  Can I engage in water sports at these Beaches?

Ans: Many of these sandy havens offer a range of water sports and activities, inviting you to embrace adventure and create cherished memories.